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Antarctic Sea Salt Grinder

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Sea salt crystals in a convenient refillable glass grinder.  100 grams.

Our salt is sourced from the unpolluted Antarctic Ocean where the Benguela current carries ice-cold water up the west coast of South Africa. The salt is sun and wind dried, with no additional heat processing or extraction of minerals. Our Antarctic Pure Sea Salt is naturally white due to the intensity of the African sun and the fresh, clean water it comes from. The salt is hand-harvested allowing all minerals, trace elements and crystalline structure to remain intact; offering you the purest salt!

Sea Salt Facts:

  • Antarctic pure sea salt contains 82 trace minerals and essential macronutrients our bodies need for optimum functioning.
  • Clean, sun and wind dried, hand-harvested, natural sea salt maintains a psychological electrolyte balance, balances alkalinity/acidity levels, restores good digestion, stimulates the kidneys, relieves allergic symptoms and helps with skin diseases


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