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    Expedition Staff Uniform Ordering Information

    Below you will find instructions and policies related to the Quark Expeditions staff uniform.  This guide will answer many questions you may have regarding the uniform and ordering process, as well as updates to the program.  Please review this document prior to ordering your uniform for the coming season as well as for future uniform orders.

    Should you have any questions regarding the uniform, please email [email protected]



    Quark Expeditions has extended our partnership with Arc’Teryx, making them the exclusive provider of outerwear for Quark’s Expedition Teams.  We are investing in upgraded outerwear for field staff and trust these new improvements will allow you to perform your duties comfortably.  We believe Quark Expeditions field staff are the best in the industry and hope you wear your uniform pieces with pride.

    We’ve transitioned from a third party vendor for staff uniforms to an in-house ordering system through Quark’s Toronto Warehouse.  This will allow us faster response time to your orders and questions and the capability to meet the rising demand as we evolve as a company.  Please be patient during the transition period this Antarctic season as we grow to serve you better.

    This season we’re introducing an exclusive updated Arc’Teryx Heli-Guide Gore-Tex outer shell which been customized for Quark Expedition’s field staff.  This jacket features upgraded materials and construction along with the current Quark Expeditions logo. This jacket is available as an option uniform piece to all field staff at a cost of $200 USD which can be deducted from your salary following your order.

    We are also replacing the insulating layer jacket from last season’s Helly Hansen jacket to the Arc’Teryx Atom LT jacket.  We still have a small supply of Helly Hansen pieces which will be distributed until depleted. 

    An Arc’Teryx branded cap with the TEAM QUARK logo will also be introduced and is now available to order.

    After many years of difficulty finding the perfect grey pants, to suit all shapes, sizes, and style preferences we have decided to phase out Quark issued uniform pants, and invest in other high quality items for the other pieces.  We ask that you bring your own grey pants that you’re comfortable wearing.  There is a small supply of staff uniform pants still remaining to order online - we ask that returning staff members consider giving new staff members priority in ordering these items.

    The updated items are now available to order.  If your gear is in good condition from seasons past, please keep using it.  Replacement items should be ordered only when your gear is in poor condition (worn, damaged) or if it no longer fits.  Gear with old Quark logos are acceptable to wear as long as they are in reasonable condition. 


    New Staff 

    Quark will provide you with the following items this season: 

    • 1 x Arc'teryx Atom LT Vest embroidered with your name*
    • 3 x blue polo shirts (combination of short and long sleeve)
    • 1 x white dress shirt
    • 1 Arc'teryx Gamma LT jacket
    • 1 Arc'teryx Atom LT or HH insulating jacket
    • 1 x Antarctic Tartan tie (men) or scarf (women)
    • 1 x Arc’Teryx baseball cap
    • 1 x Mustang Survival Floatation Coat (loaned aboard)


    Returning Staff

    Quark will provide you with the following items this season: 

    • 1 x Arc'teryx Atom LT Vest embroidered with your name*
    • 2 x blue polo shirts (combination of short and long sleeve)
    • 1 x white dress shirt
    • 1 x tie (men) or scarf (women)
    • 1 x Mustang Survival Floatation Coat (loaned aboard)


    • Arc’Teryx Atom LT Vest

    The Atom LT vest will be embroidered with your name.  Upon check-out on the uniform ordering site, please specify how your first name should appear.  Ex; if you are Christopher but prefer Chris, please state online at the time of order.  All vests will state “Expedition Staff”, with the exception of “Expedition Leader” and “Expedition Doctor” who will have alternate embroidery. Nicknames are not encouraged and will be reviewed by operations staff.

    • The Arc'teryx Outer Shell (optional)

    Additionally, our custom designed Arc'teryx outer shell was developed specifically for our field staff. The fabric is proprietary Gore-Tex fabric specifically designed for extreme weather conditions. Special features include:

    • Custom colors; Quark blue and orange for distinct visibility purposes
    • Radio pocket
    • Microphone clip
    • Hood configuration
    • Underarm zips
    • Drop seat

    Quark is happy to offer the custom Arc’Teryx jacket for a reduced of $200 USD (this jacket would normally retail for $875 USD).  If you choose to order one, the one-time charge will be deducted from your payroll at the beginning of the season.

    Ordering Your Gear

    You will receive a uniform couple code by email. Once received, please go to the dedicated website (shop.quarkexpeditions.com) and follow the steps below. The clothing will be delivered to you by mail or courier so please order early to ensure adequate time for delivery.

    If you do not have a vest, please keep in mind that these generally take two weeks to be embroidered with your name, adding to the amount of time it takes to get your gear to you.

    If you are departing within a month of your order, please state the departure date of your flight on the “notes to Quark Expeditions” at time of check-out so we can plan to get your gear to you.



    Polo’s and dress shirts are available in a relaxed size.  Should you wish for a slim or athletic fit, you may wish to order one size smaller than normal. The Arc'teryx pieces are a true fit so you need to use the special Arc'teryx sizing chart on the website to ensure you choose the correct size. 

    Instructions to order on line uniform pieces   

    1. Go to the website: http://shop.quarkexpeditions.com
    2. Click on the STAFF link (left side, near bottom)
    3. A pop-up box will prompt you to enter a password
    4. The password is staffuniform
    5. Shop the various items for your order based on your needs. Add desired items to your shopping cart
    6. When ready, click on your shopping cart on the top right of the screen to start the check-out process.
    7. In the notes section on the cart page, enter any comments (ex; Name for embroidery, your flight departure date, etc.)
    8. Click “check-out” to proceed to the payment screen.
    9. 11: You can choose to create an account or check-out as a guest.  Creating an account will remember your details for future orders.  Your billing address will be where you want your order shipped; please ensure this address is correct.

    10. On the right hand side; enter the promo / discount code that has been sent to you. It will change your balance owing to $0, unless you have selected items from the site which require additional payment.

    11. Click “continue to shipping”. You’ll then choose a free shipping method for your order.
    12. Click “Continue to payment” to proceed to the final stage. If there is a $0 balance, click “complete order”.  If there is an amount owing, please enter credit card details to pay the balance.
    13. Your order has now been place and we will review it for accuracy. You will receive an email confirmation of the order, as well as a notification when it ships.

    Note; all orders will be reviewed prior to shipping. 

    Please remember to leave lots of time to ensure your order is delivered in time before you depart for the season.

    If you have any trouble with the ordering process, please send an email to [email protected] 

    The Uniform Standard

    The Quark Expeditions field staff uniform is designed to keep you safe and comfortable.    We also expect you to present yourself in a professional manner when in contact with our passengers.

    • If any gear is damaged or out of shape; please re-order as necessary in order to present yourself in a professional way
    • Please maintain and care for your uniform and store it properly during your off-season
    • Please utilize the ships laundry service to maintain a clean and neat uniform
    • Jeans / shorts / sweatpants are not permitted for wear while in contact with guests, and we ask that you wear grey expedition style pants
    • Gear with logos from other polar expedition operators are strictly prohibited; only Quark Expeditions gear should be worn while you are on duty.
    • Quark does not provide footwear but we do have a few rules for your own safety and to set a good example for our passengers: Always wear proper footwear with non-slip soles, no slippers, “flip-flops”, sandals, or shoes without heel enclosure are to be worn in the public areas. Never walk barefoot

    If you have any questions, comments or feedback about your gear or the process to get it, please let us know: [email protected]