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    What does my gear pack contain?

    We've created the gear pack based on feedback from guests and the expedition team to include the most frequently used items during a Quark Expedition.  You'll find waterproof pants, a set of merino wool-blend base layers, a set of fleece mid-layers, a toque and neck warmer, a sunscreen kit with face, body and lip protection, as well as hand and foot warmers.  The kits are assembled by size and come packed in a black re-usable tote bag.

    What size will it be?

    All items in your pack will be shipped in the size you order.  If you order a size small; the waterproof pants, base-layers and mid-layers will ship in a size small.  Note; they are designed to be worn in layers, so your base layers will fit closer to the skin while the mid-layers will fit loose on the body.  The waterproof pants will fit over top of all layers.  All pants and bottoms will have an elastic waist band for a comfortable fit.

    What size should I order?

    All items are a regular fit and run true to size. Click here for size charts:
    Mens Size Chart for Polar Packs

    Ladies Size Chart for Polar Packs

    What if something doesn't fit?

    Your waterproof pants, base-layers and mid-layers will be packaged in the size you order.  You may exchange an item for an alternate size if required.  Please click here for information on returns and exchanges.

    Do i need all of these items?

    It's important to be prepared for all conditions.  The items in your gear pack have been selected to give you the necessities for every polar expedition.  You may wear them all at once on colder days or choose just a few in warmer conditions. When worn together with your Quark Parka you'll have complete protection from the elements. 

    Does the package include gloves?

    You can purchase the complete package including gloves and expedition socks by choosing to bundle all items together.  Please choose the appropriate glove and sock size and click "add to cart".

    Do I need to purchase a parka or boots for my expedition?

    All Quark Expeditions include our exclusive parka which you will receive during your trip.  Your expedition will also include boots which are on loan for the duration of your expedition.

    Who can I contact if I need more information?

    Please email merchandise@quarkexpeditions.com for more information.