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    What merchandise is available?
    We offer a variety of gifts, gear and souvenir to assist you in preparing for your Polar Expedition or as a keepsake from your previous voyage. 

    Will these products be available on my trip?
    Some products featured on this site may be available in the Polar Boutiques onboard our ships.  However due to international shipping as well as supply and demand some products may not be available onboard.  Pricing may vary from the prices onboard due to international trade regulations and local import taxes.

    I bought something onboard a ship. Can I return it to Quark?
    Only merchandise purchased from the web-site online can be returned directly to Quark.  Merchandise purchased onboard can only be returned or exchanged onboard during your voyage.  For assistance with warranty or repair of electronics, please refer to the manufacturer details included in the packaging.  

    Can my online purchase be returned or exchanged onboard a ship?
    Online purchases cannot be returned or exchanged onboard our fleet of expedition ships.  They must be returned or exchanged within 14 days of receiving your order.   For information on our return policy please click here.

    Can my items be delivered to the ship?

    Due to import regulations, orders cannot be delivered to the vessel at this time.  We also do not recommend shipping to a hotel or other third party destination for collection prior to travel.

    I placed an order online and have a question.  Who can I contact?

    You can check your account if you've created one during the check-out process to view your order details.  An order confirmation will also be sent to your email for review.  For any further questions you can email merchandise@quarkexpeditions.com or contact us by phone at 1 8000 356 5699, extension 417 (Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm EST).


    Do you still offer the gear rental program in Ushuaia?

    We are no longer offering rental gear as of March 2016.  If you have an existing reservation for rental gear please contact New Headings at 1 888 924 2050.

    I see a parka online.  Do I need to purchase one for my expedition?

    All Quark Expeditions include a parka designed to protect you during your expedition.  These will be distributed to you on-board the vessel for ship programs or once you arrive at your camp (for land expeditions). For further information, contact your Polar Travel Associate or your Travel Agent.