Musk Ox Qiviut Neck Warmer - Arctic Canada

Musk Ox Qiviut Neck Warmer

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Fit & Design

The fine undercoat of the muskox is called qiviut (kiv-ee-ute) in the native Inuit language. An amazing natural fiber that provides warmth and comfort. Collected from the underwool fibers of the belly of the Arctic Muskox, it's a rare and sought-after material. A light and insulating fiber, it's warmer than wool and softer than cashmere!  It's non-irritating and very strong - with care, a Qiviut item will provide warmth and joy to the wearer for 20+ years or more.

  • Classic fit (one-size fits most adults)
  • Approximately 19cm wide
  • Approximately 25cm tall
  • Natural brown
  • Hand-knit in the Canadian Arctic


  • Hand wash in mild detergent using cool water. Do not machine wash.
  • Dry flat after washing


  • 100% woven qiviut wool
  • Handmade in the Canadian Arctic


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