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Staff Uniform: Men's Antarctic Tartan Tie

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Woven from fine wool, these Antarctic Tartan ties are woven exclusively for UKAHT by Locharron of Scotland."

"Inspired by the colors of the geography and natural history of the continent, the tartan totally symbolizes the southern continent, the seas and ocean surrounding it, making an attractive combination of colors."

  • Measurements: 9cm x 142cm
  • One size fits all
  • Exclusive Antarctic Tartan design


  • 100% fine wool

Antarctic Tartan® Background

With a large square of white at the center, representing the ice covered continent, a thin cross of blue was added to represent the four compass points and where they bisect at the South Pole. The grey rock of nunataks and partially buried mountain ranges were symbolized by a band of grey within the white of the continent, whilst rocks emerging at the edges of Antarctica were represented by a broader band of grey.

On these rocks orange lichens grow and so a band of orange lies adjacent. The color orange is also one of the colors of Emperor Penguin’s plumage, and this together with the following bands of yellow, black, and white (representing their plumage and black and white of marine mammals), symbolize the land and marine animal life of Antarctica.

The thin band of white also represents the thin ice shelves covering the shallow continental margins, the pale blue that follows the blue shelf seas, whilst the dark blue adjacent represents the deep Antarctic Ocean. The thin band of white on the outside symbolizes the Antarctic front, the limits of the Antarctic Ocean. Finally the dark color of the ocean surrounding the light color of the continent is symbolic of the sombre darkness of the Antarctic winter against the enlivening light of the summer.